Concept of Agni(“FIRE”) & Its relation with Tridoshas

Agni word is Derived from Sanskrit, which means FIRE.

Sages in Ancient times according to the Rig-Veda believed that, ‘Agni’ plays the major role in creation of the Cosmos, and is also worshiped as Deity in Puranas.

Of all the five ‘tattvas’ of creation – ‘Agni’(Fire), Jala(Water), Vayu(Air), Prithvi(Earth) and Aakash(Space), it is ‘Agni’ that contributes in forming any structure or shape and has got ability of transformation .


When it comes to human body, Ayurveda quotes that:

Agni(Fire) is the major factor which helps out in process of breaking down of food which is ingested on daily basis by human, and can only be utilized if it undergoes proper digestion and metabolism.

Classification  of Agni (Fire)

As quoted in Ayurveda text-Ashtanga Hridyam-Sutrasthana

“Tairbhavedviṣama: tīkṣṇo mandaścāgni: samai: sama: ||”(Astanga Hridaya Sutrasthan )

  1. Jathargani/(Kaya-agni)-one of 13 types of fire

Jatharagni  is the digestive fire in Jathara and is seated in Grahani(Duodenum) which metabolizes food through various physio-chemical process(taking place in G.I Tract) called as PAKA, and thus producing Energy(Ojas, health, life, complexion, strength and nourishment) as the final by product, once the food is consumed after digestion, absorption and assimilation.

Acharya Charka says that once Agni gets vitiated by various reasons, and is not taken care at proper time, it ultimately leads to death.

Agni can be classified of 13 types according to the Classical literature, but it is innumerable because it is the energy which is present in each and every cell(PARAMANU)

JATHARA-Abdomen, AGNI-Fire

  1. Bhutagni-Five types of Agni from five basic elements(Pancha mahabhutas)
  2. Dhatvagni-Seven types of Agni from each of Seven dhatus(Saptdhatus)

Influence of Doshas on Agni-

VATA VISHMAGNI Vishma:Irregular,Digestion happens either quickly or slowly causing heaviness and pain abdomen
PITTA TIKSHAGNI Tikshna: Quick,causing immediate digestion and leading to burning sensation and dryness of mouth & lips
KAPHA MANDAGNI Manda:Slow digestive power,causing indigestion
DOSHAS IN NORMALCY SAMAGNI Sama: Normal, Digestion is normal in this case and is said to be the best state of agni and nourishes the body


Thus,it becomes very important for every well-being to protect “Agni” and maintain tridoshas for healthy body and healthy soul

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